• Update: 06.04.22
  • Android Version: 4.1
  • English language: yes
  • Current version: 1.6.161
  • Size file: 90M
  • Age rating:M (17+)
Mafia City is a strategy game for a mobile device where the player fights for the title of Mafia King and gang leader. In the game, you will learn how to achieve your goals and come up with various strategies for success in gang affairs.

At the beginning, the player is trained: creates buildings, improves bikers and gang members, and also communicates with allies about creating a plan to capture the enemy gang. During the game itself, the player receives a lot of prizes, hires allies and expands his lands and his authority over the enemy.

Advantages of the game:
- ability to play with friends;
- the opportunity to meet and find new friends.
Mafia City
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Mafia City

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