• Update: 24.03.22
  • Android Version: 5.0
  • English language: yes
  • Current version: 1.20
  • Size file: 111M
  • Age rating:Для всех
Rush Rally Origins is a rally racing simulator with a classic view from the top, you can choose a helicopter view or a retro view. In this game, the behavior of cars is very well developed, there are also destructible objects and damage to the car, which will affect its behavior in turns and maximum speed. The weather here is also changeable, bright sun may shine or it may rain with snow. Depending on the route, special stages may have different types of pavement, asphalt, dirt, mud, and so on.
There are 36 unique stages and more than 10 cars to choose from in this game.

Features of the game:
- Good graphics
- Does not require an internet connection.
Rush Rally Origins mod [Unlock]
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Rush Rally Origins mod [Unlock]

Files to download: Rush Rally Origins mod [Unlock]

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