• Update: 06.04.22
  • Android Version: 4.3
  • English language: yes
  • Current version: 1.0.32
  • Size file: 2Gb
  • Age rating:M (17+)
The action game Call Of Duty Mobile is a cool and interesting game for a mobile device. The player chooses his military and dresses to his taste, gives out weapons. After that, the player begins his adventures in normal mode or rating battles.
There are 3 main modes:
- online game;
- battle royale;
- zombies.
Playing a network game, the player joins a team of 5 people and plays against 5 enemies. Whoever destroyed the enemies more and faster is the winner.
Playing in the battle royale mode, the player jumps from an airplane to a city without equipment and weapons. Search for the necessary items and be the only survivor out of 100 players.
Playing the "Zombie" mode, the player must kill incredibly strong zombies.

The advantages of the game are as follows:
- huge arsenal of weapons;
- ability to customize your management;
- the ability to play on low or high quality;
- the ability to communicate and meet people;
- the ability to play the game over a local network with friends.
Call of Duty Mobile (built-in cache)
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Call of Duty Mobile (built-in cache)

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