• Update: 06.04.22
  • Android Version: 7.0
  • English language: yes
  • Current version: 3.3.2
  • Size file: 2GB
  • Age rating:T (13+)
Warface: Global Operations – Shooting game (FPS) is a cool action game based on improving your character and winning battles of various types. At the beginning of the game, the player is given his personal character with equipment improved to a minimum, as well as a first-level machine gun. Playing in different modes, you will receive various kinds of rewards and upgrade weapons, equipment and acquire new kits.

The game has the following modes:
1. PVP:
- random mode;
- team battle;
- capture points;
- brawl;
- the bomb;
- meat grinder
2. PVE- opens from level 30.

Advantages of the game:
- ability to play with friends;
- communication;
- improve shooting skills for the player;
- training mission at the beginning.
Warface GO: FPS Shooting game (built-in cache)
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Warface GO: FPS Shooting game (built-in cache)

Files to download: Warface GO: FPS Shooting game (built-in cache)

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