• Update: 16.03.22
  • Android Version: 4.3
  • English language: yes
  • Current version: 42.356
  • Size file: 344M
  • Age rating:10+
Brawl Stars 3 on 3 A multiplayer game that is filled from top to bottom with the dynamics and unique combat of each hero. Up to 10 different modes will be available to you, which include collecting crystals, kick the ball, hold out alone against everyone or the longest.
Short fights of 1-2 minutes will not make you bored. And the seasonal Brawl pass will give you rewards that will help you upgrade your favorite heroes. Take your friends and defeat bosses together. Use the accumulated ult for super attacks to deal maximum damage to the enemy and confuse him.

Game Features:
- Change skins of your favorite heroes
- Online play with friends
- Unique daily modes and events
- All heroes have a unique ult
Brawl Stars (mod big money)
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Brawl Stars (mod big money)

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