• Update: 30.03.22
  • Android Version: Анд
  • English language: yes
  • Current version: 1.24.844680
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  • Age rating:13+
T3 Arena is a brand new 3—on-3 hero shooter. Team up with friends here and jump into the Arena anytime, anywhere. Powerful characters with their own personality, exciting and diverse game modes and effortless automatic shooting options — all this is waiting for you.


‣ Control (3 on 3)
is the real measure of your cooperation with teammates! Take control of a point on the map and hold it to 100% to earn a victory.
‣ Team fight to the death (3 on 3) Fight
with another team. The team with the first 20 disposals wins!
‣ Crystal Assault (3 on 3)
Attack or defend? Developing a strategy in this mode is not easy, but it's definitely fun! Keeping the crystal from being destroyed will be a difficult task.
‣ Payload Tracking (3 by 3)
Both teams are focused on the same payload. If the attackers deliver the payload to its destination before time runs out, they win; if the defenders stop them, they win!
‣ Cargo race (3 on 3)
Both teams have their own cargo to accompany, which turns this mode into a feverish race to the finish line!
‣ Free for everyone (single player)
Plunge into chaos and become a winner! 6 heroes will come face to face in the battle for personal glory. The winner is the one who gets 12 exceptions first!


‣ Characters? Choose your style.
Collect and choose your character with various ultimates.
Run at close range or shoot at a target at long range.
The style of play is your own.
‣ Console-quality games.
Ultra-stylish graphics with detailed character animations.
An unsurpassed heroic shooter in the palm of your hand.
‣ Team? Solo? Your choice.
Win with your friends in different 3-on-3 game modes and on different maps.
Join forces and create your own team strategy.
Or play alone and win like a star!
T3 Arena
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T3 Arena

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